Chairman Message
To-night is the Annual General Meeting and Dinner date for us, with much pleasure, I would welcome and thank all honorable guests to spend your precious time to come here for the Annual Dinner.
The Institute of the Clerks of Works was founded in United Kingdom in 1882. On 2009, the Institute was re-designated to The Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate. As an oversea branch of the Institute, we adopt the name of The Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate ( Hong Kong ).
Disregarding the re-designation of name, the Institute insists to support quality construction through inspection. Hence, the on-site works inspection by Clerk of Works or Construction Inspector is a must to enhance the construction quality. The government sectors which deal with the building construction have included our members into their works supervision scheme for long.

Our country is now developing a new special city, the Qian Hai in Shenzhen which is by our side. The Officers, Mr Yao Wei Cheng and Mr Zeng Hua Hua there also have aware of the importance of the on-site works inspection to ensure the construction quality. Recently, they had discussed with us concerning an unique system to cater for the construction quality control in Qian Hai. The system would include the construction quality control system that is being practiced in Hong Kong.

Further to the seminar given by the SKK Paint Company to introduce their new construction material just now, the officers of Qian Hoi shall describe what is going on in Qian Hoi.

For your acknowledgement, we would spell out the name of honorable guests right after this message.

Once again, I would thank you very much for your passion support to attend our Annual Dinner. Please enjoy your dinner.

Yours faithfully,

KUNG, Tung Shing

Chairman, 2015-2016