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To-night is the time for ICWCI (HK) Annual Dinner, with much pleasure, I would like to welcome and thank all honorable guests to spend your precious time coming here to join our Annual Dinner. The Institute was initially founded in United Kingdom in 1882 as “The Institute of Clerks of Works”. In 2009, the name was re-designated to “The Institute of Clerks of works and Construction Inspectorate”. From the beginning to now, the Institute insists supporting the quality of construction through inspection of Works. 


Recently, we have attended a meeting with the Urban Rehabilitation Authority ( URA in short ) for the investigation of employing the Clerk of Works ( COW in short ) to supervise the old house renovation works which are to be subsidized by the URA. Obviously, URA is aware of that the quality of the renovation work is to be assured by employing the qualified personnel – the Clerk of Works to supervise the renovation works. As the number of old house is getting ever increased, the demand for the qualified COW is increased as well.


Further to the strong demand in the field of Old House Renovation Works, a course showing the Flow for Old House Renovation Works is being developed by the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) with our Institute taking part. The course aims at those property owners who do not know too much about the proper steps to carry out the Works. The content of the course shall include the employment of consultant, contractor, COW and those related parties.


As you have noticed that the previous Chairman, Mr T. S. KUNG and the 2 Vice-chairmen, Mr L. T. YIP and Mr T. N. HAU have left our Council, to recognize their long term service and sincere contribution to our Institute, we would confer them the position of Honorary Chairman. Later, we shall distribute the Honorary Chairman certificates to them.


We also want to thank very much to all sponsors who help to support to-night’s function in particular SKK Paint Co Ltd., Wo Lee Steel Co., Ltd., Jam Bolt Ltd., Lesso Ltd., World Genius Co., Ltd., Diploma Construction Co., Ltd..


Finally, with much pleasure, I want to thank again for your ever passion support and attending to-night’s dinner. Hoping that you enjoy the dinner and the happy evening.


Yours faithfully,




HUI  Kin Chung, Alex

Chairman, ICWCI (HK)