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ICWCI stands for The Institute of Clerks of Works & Construction Inspectorate (former known as The Institute of Clerks of Works of Great Britain Incorporated) which has been founded in United Kingdom in 1882 is an international professional body that supports quality construction through inspection.

ICWCI (Hong Kong) is an oversea chapter of the ICWCI ( UK ) in Hong Kong and a legal entity in Hong Kong. It is the Regional membership assessment point taking care the membership application including those from the nearby district, say Macau, PRC.

LICWCI, MICWCI and FICWCI designations are well known as the benchmark of professional recognition and standing, and stand for different grade of members of the Institute.

MICWCI denotes Corporate Member of The Institute of Clerks of Works & Construction Inspectorate, &

FICWCI denotes Fellow of The Institute of Clerks of Works & Construction Inspectorate.

Person Qualified to Apply for ICWCI Membership any person who is performing or has involved in the construction field responsible for quality assurance or inspection and he wants to further develop his career is qualified and welcomed to apply for ICWCI membership.

The Merits of Being a Member as our member, he is recognized worldwide as a professional quality assurance person in the construction field. He could secure inspectorate position in the construction field for contractor, consultant or client throughout the world. He could receive the monthly published Site Recorder from ICWCI (UK) keeping inform of the update knowledge in the construction field in the world.



Qualified Person Chart

Office Bearer


Ko Siu Lun, Allan



Li Kun Ting, Sam



LEE Tat Cheong

Vice-chairman, Int.


Chan Po Sum, Daivd

Vice-chairman, Ext.


Law Chi Hung


Council Member


Lo Chung Ho, John


Chang Chung To, Charles


Yeung Wai hung, Clement


Cheung Yuk To, Steve


Sr Li Tak Hong, Dick


Lam Kwun Wai, Marco


Lai Ying Ho


Chung Chun Lun


Wong Hoi Fung


Leung Yee Chiu, Edmond


Lau Wai Kei Ray


Rex Pang

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